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Actualise wishes to help people live a long, healthy life full of quality and personalised, holistic balance. Our services include;

Actualise Swim

An established TuksSatellite Programme with a vision of creating holistic, team-driven, and performance-oriented athletes for the future.

Corporate Wellness

Helping your organisation realise its full potential through executive wellness programmes, consulting, team-building, and on-site strategies.

Holistic Movement Classes

Group training classes for all-levels to embrace the full mobility, strength, and coordination of the human body.

Personal Wellness Coaching

Whether it is fitness, nutritional, motivational, or wellness coaching you need, we will be there! In the work, in the gym or in the home.

We wish to help people live a long, healthy life of good quality and balance. Holistic wellness requires long-term, strategic planning. Let us:

Help plant your wellness seeds now

Grow and Maintain your wellness trees in the future

And last but not least… enjoy a life-long journey of wellness shade with you!

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Your journey is our journey. Let’s walk, jump and run it together!

Want to improve the chances of achieving your fitness and wellness goals? Let us help you get there.

Jarryd Irvine ~ Managing Director

My vision is to see people realise their holistic full potential at home, in the workplace, and in life. It is important to know what people’s purpose is, know what makes them tick, and teach them to get others ticking optimally! I have a passion for movement and swimming, music, and pushing people to their limits and beyond (as well as myself). Sub sole sub umbra virens -> thrive in sunshine and in shade!

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Your journey is our journey. Let’s walk, jump and run it together!