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Actualise Your Full Potential!

Don’t know what Actualise means? … “to make a reality of” …

Pretty cool, right? Just think, anything you do today means making a reality of that action. For example:

“Today, I’m going to clean my house, go for a jog, feed myself and my children, send 20 emails at work, and take my husband/wife for dinner.”

Guess what, if you managed to do all of those things, you’ve actualised all of those tasks!

Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

Begin your ACTUALISE journey today with our Human Optimization Challenge (HOC)!

Click here for HOC info!


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

ACUTALISE – it’s a great verb to add to your vocab!

Now, how can we help you actualise your full potential? Our professional coaches (see link below) can guide you through:

  • Sustainable Online Coaching
  • Group Classes/Workshops/Presentations
  • Face-to-Face Consulting & Coaching

Check-out our coaches HERE

Okay, this is pretty broad, right? Yes! You as a human being are a broad-spectrum, complex being! There is nothing simple about you #sorrynotsorry.

What aspects do we cover when coaching or consulting?

  • Holistic. Practical. Wellness.
  • Functional Movement & Exercise
  • Sports Training (from single sport to multi sport)
  • Lifestyle Nutrition
  • Team Development & Optimization
  • Research-Related Enquiries
  • Full Potential Management

Getting interested? Of course you are!

Human Optimization Challenge

Your journey is our journey. Let’s walk, jump and run it together!

Start living the life you deserve - we'll help you actualise this:

Actualise Swim

Official TuksSatellite Swimming Programme. Our vision: to create holistic, team-driven, and performance-oriented athletes for the future! (Learn-to-Swim to National Club Levels)

View Details

Executive & Corporate Wellness

Helping your organisation realise its full potential through executive wellness programmes, consulting, team-building, and on-site strategies.

View Details

MOVE-MAX Fitness

Take your MOVEMENT to the MAX! For all levels to embrace the full mobility, strength, and coordination of the human body.

View Various Options

Nutritional & Sports Products

We deliver to your doorstep! Take a look at our catalogues and let us know what you're interested in. From Nutritious Supplements to Swimming Gear.

View the catalogues

Need some healthy inspirational reads this summer? Check out these awesome wellness, food and fitness blogs!

Your journey is our journey. Let’s walk, jump and run it together!