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What are #actualSTORIES?

We all have a story to tell. Some are more interesting than others but that’s only because they’re told better. All our stories are unique. Here’s Actualise’s unique story just for YOU.

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motivation optimization

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Here’s some of the things we do:

“Services don’t always create the value we’d like them to, but we strive to optimize the ACTUALISE services year-on-year to add value in fresh unique ways!”
JV Irvine – Co-Founder & Managing Director, Actualise

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SOME philosophies:


There’s always so much to do, yet so little time. The timeless cliche strikes again and you keep wondering if it’s just that. Is there any way to escape ‘The Circle of Lost Time’? Yes! 

Let us know how you’re coping (or not) with time management.

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Our Founders

Passionate professionals bringing wellness & performance together in magical ways.

Jarryd V. Irvine

Co-Founder & Managing Director

“Coaching means getting down to the level of who you’re leading, knowing where they’re at, and knowing how to motivate them to achieve more & more.” 
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Birgit Smythe

Co-Founder & Director

“Pockets of time are essential to getting everything you hoped to get done, done. If you can manage that and your vision, you’ll be successful.”
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