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ActualiseYou Podcast – HD Series Trailer

Your full potential is at hand!

ActualiseYou Podcast – HD Series Trailer

Here is the full transcript of our introductory podcast. Future episodes will have links to underlying research articles and guests that are interviewed. Shows will be released every 2 weeks on a Monday morning.

Opening: “Welcome to the ActualiseYou Podcast. This is Jarryd Irvine, your host, and I’m the founder of a small business in South Africa called Actualise Wellness Solutions.”

“Actualise” has the meaning – “to make a reality of…”, and obviously “You” would be – “whoever or whatever you think or believe you are.”

And we’d like to make that more of a reality for you by unlocking methods and secrets to help you become a more efficient human.

Our focus areas are: human development, human motivation, and obviously human optimization.

In our first series, we’ll be delving deeper into Human Development (HD) – this is quite diverse to say the least but we’ll certainly do our best to cover each aspect as thoroughly as possible.

Time management is essential! Try out our #timetestchallenge by clicking on the clock.

We’re taking an audience-based approach with sprinkles of expert driven conversation. So, if you have any thoughts on human development and how it’s affected your life (or other peoples’ lives that you’ve seen). This can be positive or negative. Please send us a short audio clip, include your name and where you’re from, and please send this through to info@actualise.co.za. (Actualise with an ‘s’).

In addition, if you or someone you know is a leading human development expert, please drop us a mail and we’ll organize an interview with them.

Here are some of the questions we’ll pry and hopefully provide some reasonable and foundational or fundamental answers or even explanations. So something like:

  • How do we improve our skill development if we’ve already maybe “accomplished” that skill? For example listening, you know. How we’ll do we listen? That’s something that no one really asks but it’s quite important for communication because most of the problems that we have in organizations or see in organizations is from people not listening, not necessarily not speaking. And, you know, if you’re walking or running, maybe you have a problem with the way you do it which will cause back issues later in life. This is something you could have actually solved if you knew about it beforehand.
  • Also, why is it important to continue to develop ourselves? You know, the whole “personal development thing” – what’s that all about? So we’re going to be speaking with some experts about this and hearing what they think or believe. Why they think that based on theory as well as experience?
  • There’s also the perspective of “what if I’m happy with where I’m at in life”? And maybe I don’t need to develop any more skills to live the life that I want to. That’s being stuck in the comfort zone and not wanting to explore anything further. There’s probably positive and negative connotations around those and we’d like to delve deeper.
  • Another view would be looping at super successful people that improve to a point of success without even realizing the how they’ve had skills developed. Think of a top footballer or elite athletes, even an elite executive, they might just have a goal and they don’t realize they have other skills being developed while they’re busy climbing the ladder. Or, at least, they don’t show it. So maybe they do see themselves gaining those skills?
  • And then last thing, what are some of they key areas that maybe I could look at developing in my life? Whether it’s maybe looking at different art forms or more music or more sports? You know, what are some of the things I could use that aren’t career orientated that can actually improve my skills in my career?

So, now that we’ve got a better idea of where we’re headed, please follow us on social media using “ActualiseYou” in the search bar. We’re on all of the major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Please share this with your friends, family members, and maybe even your enemies? Hey, it doesn’t hurt to share helpful insights as long as they are in fact helpful.

If you have any questions, concerns or recommendations, please send us an email at info@actualise.co.za. Visit actualise.co.za for more information on what we do and the programs we create for you to help you achieve your full potential!

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