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Author: Jarryd Irvine

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Good Night, Blue Light.

What's the most common cycle in your life at the moment? For all of us, it should be the sleep cycle (a.k.a. Circadian Rhythm). Yet, for many of us it is not. Perhaps you've got other cycles you're keeping in check that affect your circadian rhythm. Have you noticed the unintentional cycle of receiving a message (ping!) and immediately, impulsively glancing, grabbing and gracefully responding ASAP? Probably, not. Have you ever tried to control this impulse? Maybe not either.
 Two things...

Omegas Optimized

What do you know about Omega-3 fatty acids? Actually, what do you know about fatty acids in general? Answer: probably not enough. You probably aren’t getting enough either because of all this mambo-jumbo that these and those fatty acids are unhealthy, carbohydrates are “bad”, etc. What do we actually know to be true? Let’s go through some of the need-to-knows of Omegas and current trends from Alpha to Omega. Let’s begin with a breakdown of the Omegas… not the Alpha’s as...

Recovery Received

What are you recovering from? When do you need to recover? Whether it is an episode of the shakes, the runs, the downs, or a literal run, recovery is key for optimal future performance. How do you recover? How does the way you recover impact your future performance? Recovering from immense work stress, your biggest calendar event (race or business), or illness is no simple matter. Sometimes it is a combination of these and too much too soon will mean limited performance....

The Complex “Change-Cycle”

Ever noticed how a new job or gym programme is divided into phases? Generally, you'll begin with tremendous positivity and excitement. As days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and the end of your new, grand programme is nigh with despondency. Have you realised how as time passes you don't achieve the results you'd hoped for and old (maybe, bad) habits are banging on the back door? It's normal to have higher expectations for yourself than the realistic possibilities. There’s nothing wrong...

Our Current State

  Your Wellness is OUR Priority. We are a human development, optimaization, and motivation company with an ironic niche of designing and implementing holistic and integrative wellness programmes. Our scope ranges from functional movement, nutritional, and mindfulness coaching, to cognitive, financial, spacial, and legal wellness consulting in collaboration with specific professions. We also offer skill-development and team-cohesion strategies for organisations and onsite personal training or coaching solutions for individuals. Our biggest division is the Actualise Swim Programme based at the Deutsche Internationale Schule...