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Sports Science

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Myth Busters: Resistance Training for Kids

You may have heard the age-old tale of ''children shouldn't do resistance training because it's bad for bone development". Well, the dynamic team from STACKS is busting this ol' myth. Here's some of the myths and why they're incorrect - in fact, this may begin their journey to holistic well-being. Myth #1: Resistance training stunts a child’s growth There is no scientific research that proves that participation in a supervised resistance training program will stunt the growth of children or damage developing growth...

Triathlon is a Battle of Elements

Imagine working, sporting, or living in what your brain would consider your 'ideal environment' (IE for short). What would this look like? How would it impact your productivity or effectiveness? And, when would you get tired of it? Sometimes in life, we look at people living on 'the other side' where the grass is greener and the honey sweeter. [caption id="attachment_7377" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Bolting-up for an action-packed Day 3 in Port Elizabeth. Early mornings have never felt sooo good![/caption] Back to the...