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Myth Busters: Resistance Training for Kids

You may have heard the age-old tale of ''children shouldn't do resistance training because it's bad for bone development". Well, the dynamic team from STACKS is busting this ol' myth. Here's some of the myths and why they're incorrect - in fact, this may begin their journey to holistic well-being. Myth #1: Resistance training stunts a child’s growth There is no scientific research that proves that participation in a supervised resistance training program will stunt the growth of children or damage developing growth...

5 Questions When Selecting Your Yoda

It’s a New Year and the next phase of your life is beginning, you can't wait to change everything for the better! From new grades and classes for the young-at-body to new cities and career ventures for the young-at-heart, there are leaders you will meet this year and whether you like them or not they will contribute to you getting through the year. If you can select them though, there are important success-factors to consider when selecting your Yoda. Some of...

3 Tricks Triathlon Transitions Teaches You about Life

It’s another one of those days. Get up, throw on some clothes, choke breakfast down, get to gym/pre-work commitments, rush to first meeting (just made it!), and the load starts piling up. No chance for a breather. Lunch-time and you’re starving – but coffee, coffee, coffee! Every corner you turn means another ten-minute discussion, walking meeting, or crisis control. Getting back to the desk is your only focus, but at the same time there’s no energy left, plus all you...

The Nutribullet Wellness Challenge

New Year's resolutions are approaching. Everyone is chilled, optimistic and ready to take on 2019 like the historic Four Asian Tigers (external link) who took on economic growth and improved standard of living in east Asia from the early 1960s. To see people set a goal and commit to seeing it achieved gives us tremendous satisfaction. We'd like to see you do exactly that in 2019. Are you ready for the challenge? What would we like to see next year? It's simple: HOLISTIC....