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Our Story

Your full potential is at hand!

Founded on Theory. Driven by Practice. Sustained by Quality.

Moments that created our principles for sustainable solutions bringing you to your full potential!


  • July – founders Jarryd Irvine & Birgit Smythe begin developing an integrative, holistic wellness model for corporations to use for their employees
  • October – Actualise Wellness Solutions is set up as a Proprietary Limited organization in Pretoria, South Africa


  • January – first swimming clinic with Olympic athlete Douglas Erasmus;
  • February – Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria swim falls under Actualise’s scope March – home-based personal training begins April – dryland programme for the swimmers is developed; collaboration with TuksSwimming is setup to allow access to swimming pools in winter
  • July – winter swimming and conditioning clinic is run at Curro College Hazeldean
  • December – first official swimming assessments are done


  • January – second swimming clinic is hosted with Russian Open-Water Swimmer Anna Jaeger
  • March – Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria wins D-League Inter-High Gala and moves to C-League for 2018-2019 period
  • April – dryland programme for the swimmers is continued
  • July – winter swimming and strength and conditioning clinic is run at Curro College Hazeldean for several learners looking to learn more about swimming
  • December – Actualise partners with Infinitude Multisport Coaching


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  • operations are adapted due to Covid-19 Global Pandemic
  • ActualiseYOU OnlineGYM Launched 1st June


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  • this story is yet to be written


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Here at Actualise, movement is our primary vehicle and first tier to improve your wellness. Our vision is your optimal well-being. Why movement? What do you do every day? You move and believe it or not, your body needs you to move! It’s a physiological need to move, from walking to running and jumping to climbing.

Do you wish you could be more effective in performing simple tasks and limit fatigue when washing the floors? We’ve got you covered from weight-loss to optimal performance, fundamental movement skills to sport-specific skill mastery.


Our minds play a greater role in achieving goals than our matter usually does. Our second tier demonstrates how important achieving a particular goal is to you. Whether you would stop at nothing to achieve it, maybe your smallest hurdle stops you.

We have solutions to shift from thought into action and Mind into Matter. Motivation theory is our foundation with Abraham Maslow being the father of the Hierarchy of Needs., with a pinnacle of self-actualisation. Hence, Actualise Wellness Solutions, the start of our endeavour.


Security is an element of well-being in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This includes financial security which affects our actions on a daily basis. Even if we do not realize this. A metamorphosis from inactivtiy and fixed mindset to movement, growth, and full potential is present in this final tier.

We have solutions and avenues for you to morph financial balance into financial wealth, as well as cultivating a social environment of wealth where innumerable skills can be obtained. Having a secure social support network would arguably make you wealthier than those with only secure finances.

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